"Boost Your Venue's Visibility with Product Placement Sponsorship"

"Get mentioned in our popular podcasts and shows for just €480 per year."

"Boost Your Business Visibility and Attract More Tourists!"

"Join our podcast and radio show promotion package to reach travelers before and during their trip. Enhance your presence with social media snippets and geolocation-specific offers."
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About This Sponsorship

  • “Our Product Placement Sponsorship is designed to help bars, cafes, restaurants, and recreational businesses gain visibility by getting mentioned in our popular podcasts and shows. This cost-effective sponsorship option integrates your business seamlessly into the content, reaching a targeted audience interested in your offerings.”

Increased Visability

"Showcase Your Venue in Our 'Town In Focus' Podcast Series"

Our ‘Town In Focus Series’ podcasts are specifically designed to inform tourists about the featured town. This series includes dedicated episodes by topic, highlighting local venues and recreational businesses. This is where your business can thrive by being featured, offering a natural and engaging way to capture the attention of tourists.

"Boost Your Venue's Visibility on Our Topic-Focused Radio Shows"

“Our radio shows are meticulously crafted around specific topics, providing an excellent platform for your business to be seamlessly integrated into the content. With our product placement option, your venue is naturally woven into the show, making mentions more engaging and authentic for listeners, particularly tourists.”

Targeted Advertising

"Engage Tourists Before They Travel with Our Podcasts"

“Malaga Radio’s ‘Town In Focus Series’ podcasts are available on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and also in our Radio On-Demand library on the Malaga Radio website, www.malagaradio.com. With an extensive reach, 80% of our listeners are outside of Spain, allowing you to engage tourists before they travel. Our podcasts are designed to provide in-depth information about local venues and attractions, making it easier for tourists to plan their visits and discover your business.”

"Capture Tourists' Attention with Our Live Radio Shows"

“Malaga Radio’s live shows are crafted to fit the interests and behaviors of our audience at specific times of the day. These shows deliver valuable snippets of information to tourists, helping them discover local attractions and businesses. You can also listen live on the Malaga Radio website. This tourist-focused strategy ensures your venue is featured in a natural and engaging manner, reaching tourists during their buying process and encouraging them to learn more through our podcasts and on-demand content.”

Cost-Effective Advertising

"Boost Your Business with Our Comprehensive Podcast Integration"

“At just €480 a year, this product placement package is designed for small businesses looking to boost awareness and attract more customers through both our podcasts and radio shows. Simply fill out a brief questionnaire, and we take care of the rest, incorporating your information seamlessly into our content. Our podcasts are evergreen, ensuring they remain topically relevant throughout the year. This package offers a highly competitive option for a full year of promotion, providing continuous visibility for your business.”

"Expand Your Reach with Our Integrated Radio Show Promotion"

“For €480 a year, this product placement package is perfect for small businesses aiming to increase awareness and customer base. All we need from you is a simple questionnaire, and we handle the rest, seamlessly integrating your information into our live radio shows. Our shows are designed to be relevant to the audience’s interests and behaviors, providing ongoing exposure for your business throughout the year. This competitively priced package ensures your business stays in the spotlight for a full year.”

Integrated promotions

"Extend Your Reach with Social Media Audio Snippets"

“To enhance your business awareness, we will use audio snippets from our podcasts and radio shows on social media shorts, extending your exposure to new platforms and emphasizing your services. This strategy ensures that your business reaches a broader audience, attracting more potential customers.”

"Drive Customer Engagement with Our Offers Page"

“To achieve actual new customers, your package includes a free sign-up to our offers pages, where businesses can add offers, coupons, discounts, and meal deals to encourage visits. These offers pages are geolocation-specific, allowing users and tourists to see local promotions. Our platform supports daily and multiple content updates, enabling direct communication with users and providing a dynamic way to attract more visitors to your business.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the €480 annual package?

The €480 annual package includes product placement in both our podcasts and live radio shows. Additionally, it covers the use of audio snippets on social media shorts and a free sign-up to our offers pages, where you can add offers, coupons, discounts, and meal deals.

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out a brief questionnaire about your business, and we will handle the rest. Your information will be seamlessly integrated into our podcasts, radio shows, and other promotional platforms.

We will use audio snippets from our podcasts and radio shows to create social media shorts. These shorts will be shared on various social media platforms, extending your business's exposure and emphasizing your services to a broader audience.

The offers page integration allows you to add offers, coupons, discounts, and meal deals that are geolocation-specific. This means users and tourists can see local promotions, encouraging visits to your business. The platform supports daily and multiple content updates and direct communication with users.

The geolocation-specific feature ensures that users and tourists can see offers and promotions relevant to their current location. This increases the likelihood of attracting visitors who are already in the area and looking for local deals.

You can update your offers on the offers page daily and multiple times, providing a dynamic way to attract more visitors to your business. This flexibility allows you to keep your promotions fresh and appealing to potential customers.

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